IK002 Tornado 2 Rover V8 Induction Kit

£795.00 (Exc. VAT)


Tornado 2 Induction kit. This kit is suitable for applications where the trumpet base has already been been modified.

Consists of :

71mm enlarged Alloy plenum (exchange),  Bosch Air flow meter with 72mm bore, Tornado chip/ ECU software, smooth bore induction hose from plenum to meter, full fitting kit & instructions.

When fitting this to a 5.0 TVR you would also need to increase fuel pressure to 3 bar, we can supply a bosch fuel regulator if required

We provide a fuel map to you exact requirements, we just need to know your engine spec / any modifications.

You can at any time in the future have a new chip/ fuel map to match any modifications or changes to your requirements for £60. even if you change car as long as you keep the tornado chip base we can always supply new fuel maps.

Allow 14 days to machine and return your plenum chamber, although we may well have one in stock to exchange.

To finish the job nicely fit our induction hoses to the filter, check out our induction hose page to order correct hoses

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Weight 5 kg