The ACT range of induction performance components offer improved engine breathing and torque, responsiveness and each installation responds differently to each engine.

TVR Induction, Alfa V6 plenums and other induction products

We have a huge range of induction components, smooth bore intake hoses and filters, multithrottle plenums kits, enlarged 71mm standard plenums alloy and carbon trumpets and more. Our K&N filters are bespoke and made to our own spec. Find out more about our selection of induction packages.

Our products

We have been modifying and testing induction products on for 18 years

Comparison between standard and enlarged inlet manifold
Comparison between standard and enlarged inlet manifold

ACT Induction Components for TVR and other vehicles

JE x induction system
Marcos with ACT Induction kit components
Alfa V6 Plenum
Alfa V6 ACT plenum fitted, see our carbon fibre factory for more info