Magnecor Ignition Leads

Choose from our wide range (from 2CV to Ferrari) of Magnecor ingition leads as well as other ignition accessories we have from stock

Magnecor Race leads, both Magnecor KV85 Competition (8.5mm) and R-100 Racing (10mm) Ignition Cables, are used extensively throughout the world by leading racers and performance minded street vehicle owners to maximize the efficiency of their vehicle’s ignition system. Magnecor Race leads are the only ignition leads that can carry the full output of racing ignition systems while providing superior EMI suppression for electronically managed engines and superior heat resistance.

Magnecor Race leads are used on many serious race engines, such as current engines used in the USA in NASCAR, Winston Cup, Grand National and Super Truck series, SCCA (including successful factory vehicles and other series winners), IMSA, NHRA etc. Magnecor Race leads have been successfully run on many 5,000+HP Top Fuel engines. However, unlike all other performance wires, Magnecor Race leads can be used to improve ANY street engine ignition performance — because they provide EMI suppression!

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