Have you ever been on a track day and been turned away because your car is too noisy? Well these silencers are for you. ACT have these silencers made specially for use on trackdays and to help your car meet the ever stringent silencing limits on UK and European tracks.

One testimony for our trackday silencers is from Bob. He says:

At a recent Curborough sound check I was 103-104dB too noisy by far for Donington at 98dB I ran at Donington on 5th August Evening with no sound problems at all with the trackday silencers fitted, and I felt no power issues either. 125MPH on Starkey’s before the Esses, pulling through everywhere as though there were no restrictions at all, car performed so well. Top quality product, fitted easily, no body contact and no burn marks!

TVR Chimaera on track with our Trackday silencers fitted
TVR Chimaera on track with our Trackday silencers fitted
  • TVR Chimaera on track with our Trackday silencers fitted

These silencers make an excellent choice for the enthusiast being easy to fit/remove and to store. These exhausts are made to maintain the performance of the car while fitted.

Find out more about our trackday silencers, catalysts, manifold and TVR silencing systems in our shop.

We have been producing track day exhaust silencers for 14 years, in fact this is how the company started . We supply for many types of road or track cars, from discreet replacement tail cans for TVR Tuscan and Sagaris to external bolt on tail bombs for many makes TVR to 500+bhp Japanese cars They are constructed in stainless steel giving a polished finish

TVR Tuscan quiet can silencers
TVR Tuscan quiet can silencers

Go straight to the shop to see our ACT exhaust systems for TVR and other vehicles

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