ACT are proud to be associated with JP Exhausts, manufacturers of very high quality exhaust systems and manifolds, we are the main TVR distributor, also  offering exhaust parts for other makes of car, from a tail pipe for a mini to a full system for an Aston Martin.

  • All exhausts and manifolds are manufactured on jigs, Stainless steel used is 304 Austenitic. All silencers are double skinned to eliminate “stainless ringing” and to provide extra under car protection.

We do carry some stocks but most are made to order normally within 21 days – Mail order or if you wish we can arrange fitting They come with a lifetime anti corrosion guarantee.

Go straight to the shop to see our ACT exhaust systems for TVR and other vehicles

We continuously develop and produce new exhaust products, if there’s room for improvement we will be doing just that. All TVR models from Vixen to Sagaris catered for As well as “sports” or loud systems we work equally hard to develop quiet systems, all the time keeping our aim at sound quality

TVR Manifolds

We have made many improvements to the original TVR manifold systems some minor details such as new flanges or change in pipe diameter to completely re-designed systems such as our own Cerbera, Chimaera & Griffith systems , these produce more power than standard especially midrange torque.