ACT was established by Tim Lamont in 1997, in 2002 ACT became a limited company.

Specialising in after market performance car upgrades for  TVR models from 1980 to 2007, we also cater for  Alfa V6 induction, Noble, Westfield, Caterham, Landrover & Morgan.  Concentrating on Induction, Cooling and exhaust components, most of our components are designed and manufactured by or licenced to us, we try our best to cover all options and for example we have every silicone hose kits to replace the original TVR hoses from 1980 to 2005 Sagaris, these are available from our online shop or just about every TVR parts suppliers. Likewise our exhausts cover nearly every model , with many performance systems for later models.

We have a reputation for supplying parts worldwide with a very personal touch, we have a trade partner based in Germany, ACS-pro where you will find most of our products in stock.

Our in house carbon fibre workshop, was started by Tim Lamont in 1997,  now with some 20 years experience in product design. We have had involvement in developing parts and helping to launch new vehicles , such as Marcos and more recently Hesketh.