Fitting instructions for Superflare Trumpets

Superflare trumpets / standard trumpetsRemove original steel trumpets from base




This is best done by  fixing trumpet base in vice insert a steel tube / rod of 35mm diameter into (half way down) the trumpet and they will prise out. Heating the base in an oven will help.

Using a blade & course abrasive paper remove any glue from trumpet base,.

Degrease thoroughly .

The Superflare trumpets are numbered in order from the front of the base


2         4        6          8


1          3        5          7

It may help to position them on a bench first.

Always do a dry run in base before gluing .

The trumpets may need fine trimming with sanding paper

IMPORTANT  Glue numbers 1,2,7 & 8 first. (they will not fit if you glue centre ones first)

Then once they have cured, glue the centre ones  3,4,5 & 6

Use plenty of adhesive, apply to outer face of trumpet & base, wipe / scrape off excess glue

The edge of the Carbon trumpets will need to be fettled in order for the Plenum top to fit, this can be done with course Wet & Dry and a wooden block & ridged tube of approx 18mm, for relieving trumpets where plenum bolt casting interferes.






Before and after graph Superflare trumpets