EM121 Rustbuster epoxy mastic BLACK 2L

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Rustbuster RB121 Epoxy mastic kit ***BLACK***.  2 pack steel renovation paint inc thinners 2 kg kit , covers 10m square

Ideal for vehicle chassis, can be painted over.

we recommend this product and use it ourselves

Epoxy -Mastic 121 is supplied as a two component mix complete with thinners. Equal quantities of component A & B are supplied with each available pack size ( Easy mix ratio 1:1 ). Starter and Chassis packs are supplied with 250ml of Epoxy thinners 5Ltr and 10 Ltr pack sizes are supplied with 1 ltr of Epoxy thinners. Packs are supplied with mixing instrucions. All colours can be over painted with single or two pack products.

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Weight 2 kg